The AIMIS PALEY Institute was recently established in 2009 in Cyprus, Europe through a join venture of AIMIS and Paley Institute to offer primarily limb lengthening and special orthopedic surgeries and related services and expertise to Europe, Middle East, Far East and China.

Strategy planning

The Mission of the Paley Institute is to provide the most technologically advanced treatments to improve the lives of those who suffer from congenital, developmental, and post-traumatic orthopedic conditions. We are a world-renowned center specializing in

Limb Deformity Correction & Lengthening

Joint Preservation

Advanced Pediatric Orthopedics

Serving children and adults from the local community, the United States, and the World, the Paley Institute offers comprehensive, coordinated care from an experienced team of professionals designed for the specific needs of each patient. At the Paley Institute, our treatment philosophy focuses on reconstruction over amputation, and a commitment to preserving limbs and joints and restoring function.



the team of surgeons headed by Dr Paley himself and carefully selected and trained by himself, are absolutely “top notch” and extremely experienced in their relative fields of specialties. Please refer to our Surgeons section for more details.


all the technologies and procedures used at AIMIS Paley Institute are cutting edge and proven with distinct benefits over others  (if they exist since some are unique) used for similar surgical purposes like the Nuvasive