AIMIS - American Institute of Minimally Invasive Surgery

AIMIS, the American Institute of Minimally Invasive Surgery, is a World Leading Center of Excellence in Spine, Orthopedics and Robotic Surgery. AIMIS consists of leading American based and International surgeons, who are the pioneers and inventors of technologies, proctors and trainers of unique and exceptionally advanced surgical procedures in the fields of Spine, Orthopedics and Robotic surgery.

At AIMIS we bring together the best Spine and Robotic Surgeons in a collective environment, beyond borders, to perform minimally invasive surgeries in Europe, in Cyprus.

AIMIS Spine, consists of 30 leading American based MIS Spine Partner Surgeons offering exceptional treatments and procedures such as Spinal Cord Injuries with Autologous Stem Cells Implantation, Tarlov & Meningeal Cysts, Scoliosis with true Minimally Invasive approaches, Total Disk Replacements, and many more advanced MIS spine treatments. The technologies used are the latest, proven, most advanced and cutting edge.

AIMIS Robotics, is a renowned medical center of excellence utilizing the world’s latest and most advanced daVinci Xi 4 Arm system for Robotic Minimally Invasive Surgery. AIMIS Robotics consist of exceptionally renowned American based and International Robotic Partner Surgeons who excel in treating cancer in Gynecology, Urology, G.I., Gastro Intestinal, HPB – Hepato – Billiary, Thoracic, Head and Neck, Bariatric and most other surgical specialties.

AIMIS was established in 2010 and effectively offers American Top Quality Healthcare, BUT at affordable and competitive prices at a brand new state of the art facility. AIMIS operates at the American Medical Center, a state of the art licensed private hospital based in Nicosia, Cyprus and offers the highest level of healthcare to patients from all over the world, combined with personalized VIP concierge services of the highest level incorporating also translating services – making the patient and the accompanying feeling important, loved, cared, and being part of a “family” – without any delays and waiting as is usually the case with any hospital.

Recently we set up the AIMIS PALEY Institute, a joint venture with Paley institute from the US , the most renown and by far the biggest experienced center in orthopedic deformities and limb lengthening in the world.