An Innovative market leader solution to help patients with limb length discrepancy (LLD). The PRECICE system is an intramedullary device that once implanted utilizes an External Remote Controller (ERC) to non- invasively lengthen the femur or tibia.

Through propriety magnetic technology, the PRECICE ERC lengthens the PRECICE device with Precision Rate control. Each patient’s lengthening is customized based on the physician’s lengthening protocol. This customizable programming of the ERC allows for lengthening sessions to be performed in the comfort of their

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Causes and Symptoms of LLD

Limb length discrepancies can be present at birth or they can develop after a fracture or a traumatic injury. Children may suffer an injury that damages their growth plate and as the child continues to grow, their limb length discrepancy can slowly increase.

Limb length discrepancies can also be caused from infections, tumors, and the result of chronic fractures, congenital abnormalities, malunions, or nonunions. Limb length discrepancies affect adults as well as children.1

 market-leading solution to help patients with limb length discrepancy

Stature Lengthening

AIMIS Paley Institute - Stature Lengthening

Patient standing next to his wife before and after stature lengthening at the Paley Institute

The Paley Institute

Dr. Paley is the world’s most experienced limb lengthening surgeon in the world for both stature lengthening and lengthening to treat limb length discrepancies. He has performed over 20,000 limb lengthening surgeries since 1986. Dr. Paley has an amazing track record of success, delivering results safely and reliably.

At the Paley Institute, safety is our number one priority. Unlike many other cosmetic procedures, stature lengthening can lead to chronic pain and disability. Therefore, the most important factor when considering stature lengthening should be safety. Safety comes from experience and organization. The Paley Institute provides the most experienced limb lengthening team in the world with the best safety track record.


AIMIS Paley Institute - PRECICE
The PRECICE 2 | Photo from Ellipse Technologies

The Paley Institute uses the most cutting-edge technology available in the world today. We use implantable limb lengthening techniques with the PRECICE intramedullary nail from Ellipse Technologies.

We are also proud to offer the STRYDE nail, the newest device from Nuvasive. More details to come soon.