Pediatric Orthopedics

At the AIMIS Paley Institute, we treat a variety of complicated congenital and acquired orthopedic conditions in children. Some of the complex diagnoses we treat include: Achondroplasia, arthrogryposis, congenital femoral deficiency, congenital pseudarthrosis of the tibia, fibular hemimelia, perthes disease, radial club hand, scoliosis, TAR syndrome and tibial hemimelia.

Foot & Ankle Deformity

We treat the following conditions in both children and adults: Diabetic foot deformities, forefoot deformities, hindfoot deformities, ankle disorders, pediatric conditions, athletic injuries, post-traumatic foot and ankle deformities, bone healing problems, bone defects, bone infections, and joint infections, bone length discrepancies, arthritis and other foot and ankle conditions.

Hip Pain

We offer patients advanced comprehensive treatments, from expert physical therapy to stem cell injections from the patient's own body, to minimally invasive surgery such as arthroscopy, to hip preserving surgeries such as femoral and periacetabular osteotomies, and finally, if needed, hip replacements. Our center is designed around a rehabilitation friendly environment that is individually structured to each patient's recovery needs.

Joint Health

Our practice focuses on the conservative and surgical management of hip and knee conditions. He uses the latest techniques, such as direct anterior hip replacement and patient-customized knee surgery, to provide faster recovery time with less pain. Our doctors have pioneered and improved on methods to preserve joints and delay the need for joint replacement as long as possible.

Cartilage Repair

Our center is dedicated to the treatment of patients with cartilage damage, ranging from isolated cartilage defects to advanced arthritis. Our philosophy is to not only to repair the cartilage damage itself but to carefully determine and correct the underlying causes of the damage, such as malalignment, ligament instability and loss of meniscal function.

Physical & Occupational Therapy

Physical therapy is a critical component of Limb Lengthening and Deformity Correction treatment. Limb lengthening creates special demands and considerations for the patient’s rehabilitation. The goals of therapy are to maintain and increase range-of-motion of joints, promote muscle strengthening, help prevent contractures, and improve strength, mobility, and functional independence.

Stature Lengthening

Stature lengthening is a cosmetic procedure for individuals who wish to become taller. The majority of people who seek this surgery are unhappy with their body image. We aim to educate those interested in this type of surgery and to empower you to make informed and educated decisions about your treatment.

Limb Lengthening & Deformity Correction

Limb lengthening is a process that gradually grows new bone. Limb lengthening is used to correct limb length discrepancies and congenital short statures and is often performed in conjunction with limb deformity correction. There are a number of birth defects that result in limb length discrepancies and congenitally short limbs. Skeletal abnormalities and dysplasias can also be corrected via lengthening, as well as achondroplasia and other dwarfisms. Patients suffering from post-traumatic injuries may also undergo lengthening as part of their treatment.